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Originally Posted by Nick_to_the_face View Post
how did the crowd react to For Today?
Sort of a mix. There were some boos when they started talking about Jesus, but oh well. That's not going to deter them at all. Those guys are all heart, and they really believe in what they're doing. I really admire their conviction a lot.

I don't think there's anything wrong w/ Sevendust touring w/ younger bands. I mean, how many more times can they tour w/ Nonpoint? Don't get me wrong, I love Nonpoint & would love them to do more tours together. Sevendust is just trying to play in front of people who have never seen them before, just like any band wants to do. So, they may be the black sheep on this tour, but it's exposing them to hundreds of potential new fans every night. I heard they just dropped off this tour, though, sadly.

As far as the lineup for this fest being mediocre, I am not an Asking Alexandria or Emmure fan at all. It would've been much better if Sepultura and Unearth didn't drop off the show and/or if there was a different headliner. That was a bummer. But seriously, Sevendust is my absolute favorite band, and For Today isn't far behind. Plus, it was another chance to see Bleeding Through before they break up. On top of that, I always enjoy seeing Gideon, Veil of Maya, ATR and Born of Osiris. So yeah, it was not an AMAZING lineup or anything, but I still had fun.
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