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Closing with Now, Diabolical would make the most sense to me. That and The Pentagram Burns were easily the most popular songs played, although Nekrohaven went down very well out of the new ones.

They're playing Possessed at other shows. Basically the first four songs are the same every night, the encore is the same, and the last four of the main set are the same. In the middle they play a selection from Possessed, The Wolfpack, Nekrohaven (which for this show they moved back a couple of places), Nocturnal Flare, Tro og Kraft, Walker Upon The Wind, Repined Bastard Nation and Ageless Northern Spirit.

I'd have liked The Wolfpack, but otherwise I was very happy with the selections. Performance-wise they were fantastic. SO heavy, and excellent sound apart from an incredibly intrusive snare drum, which was OK most of the time, but nearly ruined a couple of really fast songs that have constant snare bashing in them. Also, them having a keyboard player live is completely pointless. Nevertheless, easily as good as the last time I saw them at a festival, despite Satyr now looking silly with long hair.

And no, I didn't watch Chthonic. Seen them before, thought they were OK. When I arrived, Doris and Freddy were in the merch area signing shit and doing photos. Made it very difficult to get past.

The best thing though, Satyr announced just before K.I.N.G. that he's started working on staging the orchestra show they did in Norway earlier this year in London, hopefully next year. I'll be at that in a heartbeat.

4/10 Annihilator
13/10 Wolf
27/10 Joanne Shaw Taylor
29/10 Carcass

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