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Ciccone Youth – the Whitey Album (1988)

This is one fucked up album. For those of you who haven’t heard of Ciccone Youth, it’s basically Sonic Youth and Mike Watt (of Minutemen fame) joined together poking fun at pop music of the day. The name “Ciccone Youth” comes from Madonna’s maiden name and the cover is a close up of her iconic 1980’s look. They even cover two of her songs (Burnin’ Up and Into the Groove(y)) and one very popular song by Robert Palmer (Addicted to Love). Since it came out in 1986 it was relevant to that day and age but it sounds pretty dated now. The three covers of popular pop songs of the day are…fucking terrible. I think they’re purposely fucking terrible in an effort to mock the songs, the artists and their style of music. But beyond the three covers there is some wicked original music. The first half especially has some wicked instrumentals (Macbeth, Children of Satan/Third Fig) and some awesome fucked up shit (G-Force and Platoon II, which are essentially the same song, back-to-back none the less). And Hi! Everybody!, that song is just fucked right up. The second half gets a little hard to listen to and boring. The cover of Addicted to Love is in the second half and it’s just so fucking bad that it just kills the album. There is some weird shit on this album and some really cool shit too. It's a dark album too, really fucking dark. It just oozes dirty, sleazy 1980's bad hair, no bra and too much lipstick...(basically Kim Gordon). Just watching the video for Macbeth makes me feel dirty. If you’re a fan of Sonic Youth I strongly recommend it. It's one of those albums that when it's good it's GOOD, but when it's bad it's BAD.
Favorite Song: Children of Satan/Third Fig
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