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Now that I've had a good amount of time playing it, I'll make a small list of Pro's & Con's

- The scenary... THE FUCKING SCENERY!!! It's gosh darn beautiful. Being up in the hills of Vinewood and looking down over the city at night is just breathtaking, and on top of that... the mountainous region of the North (sorry, forgot its name) is just amazing! When driving to Los Santos as Trevor it started to rain and the lightning hitting the mountains off in the distance was so amazing...

- The randomness of the game and how goofy it is is so great. Randomly coming across a burglary, punching someone in the face and hearing everyones reaction, everything is just great. You can really tell that Rockstar put their all into this game.

- I am not sure if this is really a con, but I am so lost as to what is going on in the storyline.... but not because its hard to follow, but because I am so side tracked with all the sidemissions and activities . I'm like a cat trying to catch a laser pointer!

On side note. In previous videos I've seen, it seems like they were all dying super fast. They would trip on a sidewalk and BAM... WASTED..... I am wondering how this occurs, because the only time I've ever had a "realistic" or "unfair" death was when I got catapulted out of the windshield of a car...

Anyway, great game.... so stoked to own it!
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