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Gigantour -- Poughkeepsie, NY -- August 21st, 2005

Went to Gigantour in Poughkeepsie and here is what I thougt.

Symphony X- Didn't see them. The tickets said doors open at 5, I got there at approx 5:20pm, and Symphony X were already playing their last song.

Nevermore- Pretty boring.

Lif of Agony- I saw LOA back in 93 when they opened for Type O, and unfortunately, they have gone quite downhill. I think Keith Caputo was drunk. I hope he was, because that would be the only excuse for his very queer looking dancing. River Runs Red was great. I could have done without the four new songs.

Dillinger Escape Plan- Someone should kill these morons. 20 minutes of noise. When the guitarist knocked over his amp, many around us hoped it wouold have shorted out, thus cutting their set short. No such luck. These guys suck worse then a two dollar crack whore.

Fear Factory- Only six songs, but absolutely awesome. Great sound, great lights. Played the following- Edgecrusher, Demanufacture, Acres of Skin, Transgression, Approx 30 sec of Pantera's Walk, Archetype, Replica.

Dream Theater- Very good show. Wish they had played more form the first two albums. Played the following- Root of All Evil, The Glass Prison, Panic Attack, Never Enough, Endless Sacrifice, Caught in A Web, Just Let Me Breath, Lie, As I Am, Pull Me Under/Metropolis.

Megadeth- Multiple sound problems and an army of morons dancing like idiots in front of me took away from the show, but in the end Megadeth still kicked ass!! Played the following- Blackmail the Universe, Set the World Afire, Skin of My Teeth, Black Scorpion, Wake Up Dead, In My Darkest Hour, Die Dead Enough, She Wolf, Reckoning Day, A Tout Le Monde ( this song hella sucks...I wish they would stop playing this crap) Angry Again, Trust, Hangar 18, Sweating Bullets, Tornado of Souls, Kick the Chair, Symphony of Destruction, Peace Sells,Holy Wars

By the way this show was probably the loudest thing I have ever been to. Bring earplugs!!!!
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