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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Looks like this will have been the one and only time US people will get to see A Pale Horse Named Death live.

Sal Abruscato: "I finally got home 9:00pm last night from what seemed an endless journey. I am so happy to see my girls and be with them again alive. We wiped out during the storm and almost crashed in Ohio. Hope all the fans enjoyed seeing us in the states cause it's probably the last time I do this here. The amount of work that was put in to making this tour happen was relentless and ungrateful, you always learn about people on tour and this was no exception. I learned again big time how it is careless, inconsiderate and cruel to be the captain that has the responsibility of running a sinking ship. I cant be superman anymore. I am thankful for the fans that did see us and supported us on this run you definitely saw a once in a lifetime experience that will most likely not happen again."
So, in other words, he worked hard and didn't make any money, so they're not coming back here. Wish I could sympathize but that happens with a lot of smaller bands when they go on tour.
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