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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post

"Methamphetamine" also has a killer riff. THAT OPENING RIFF, OH MY GOD.
Amen to that! Damn, I'm glad to hear from another person who appreciates what EHG has to offer musically. I was trying to narrow it down to one song but there are definitely many that could qualify as top riff contenders. With that said, this thread could go on indefinitely...... I keep coming up with more favorite riffs as every minute passes.
7/18 - Eagles
7/29 - Slipknot
8/10 - Down
8/25 - Van Halen
9/18 - Gwar
9/20 - Overkill
10/2 - Krisiun/Origin
10/14 - Crue/Cooper
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