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Originally Posted by InFlamesOfBirchmen View Post
The crowd was great. The venue was really small, but seemed perfect for High on Fire. I was about two feet from Matt Pike.

Bring cash, because the merch selection was top-notch. Vinyls for Blessed Black Wings, Surrounded by Thieves, De Vermis and Spitting Fire Vol. 2 (yet not 1, no idea why). I looked but couldn't find a Slave the Hive single, but they should be available now. I picked up the Black Sabbath-esque logo shirt, but they had some Spitting Fire shirts, a new tour shirt, a Slave the Hive shirt, and Richard Pryor tees/hoodies. Still not sure what the deal is with the Richard Pryor connection, but whatever.
HoF merch is always great, definitely picking up a shirt. The Richard Pryor thing is because dude lit himself on fire while attempting to freebase cocaine. He was literally high and on fire.
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