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Originally Posted by Happy Bunny View Post
I missed that last NY shows (Spitting Fire) and have other plans on Friday.....what that means is........I'm going to Philly tomorrow night instead! Dammit, I'm not missing them again!!

How was the crowd?
HoF usually do posters....any good merch?

Anybody been to Underground Arts in Philly? New venue...
The crowd was great. The venue was really small, but seemed perfect for High on Fire. I was about two feet from Matt Pike.

Bring cash, because the merch selection was top-notch. Vinyls for Blessed Black Wings, Surrounded by Thieves, De Vermis and Spitting Fire Vol. 2 (yet not 1, no idea why). I looked but couldn't find a Slave the Hive single, but they should be available now. I picked up the Black Sabbath-esque logo shirt, but they had some Spitting Fire shirts, a new tour shirt, a Slave the Hive shirt, and Richard Pryor tees/hoodies. Still not sure what the deal is with the Richard Pryor connection, but whatever.
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