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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
First show of the NA leg.

1. Silence The Voices (first time since 2010)
2. Scar On The Sky
3. You Know My Name
4. Dandelion (Audioslave song)
5. Original Fire (Audioslave song, first time since 2007)
6. #1 Zero (Audioslave song, first time ever played solo)
7. Sunshower
8. Halfway There (Soundgarden song)
9. Fell On Black Days (Soundgarden song)
10. Seasons
11. The Day I Tried To Live (Soundgarden song)
12. One (U2 music with Metallica lyrics)
13. When I'm Down
14. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover)
15. Bend In The Road (new song, live debut)
16. Wooden Jesus (Temple of the Dog song)
17. Call Me A Dog (Temple of the Dog song)
18. Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog song)
19. Dear Prudence (Beatles cover)
20. Never Far Away (first time since 2009)
21. Stuck Here All Night (improv)
22. Can't Change Me
23. Like A Stone (Audioslave song)
24. Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave song)
25. A Day In The Life (Beatles cover)

26. Misery Chain (new song, live debut)
27. Zero Chance (Soundgarden song, first time since 2007)
28. Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden song)
29. Blow Up The Outside World (Soundgarden song)
Holy Christ on a cracker I hope they recorded this for a dvd or something.
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