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Stick To Your Guns -- Lawrence, KS -- November 10th, 2013

I was beyond stoked when I heard we were getting an off-date, since I'm not a TSSF fan and seeing STYG and Rotting Out in a small venue is always a treat.

We showed up to the Bottleneck about a song or two into the first local, Sovereign States. Pretty standard pop punk with a small emo twist. INSERT LOCAL WHORING. The crowd warmed up to them pretty well and they closed their set with a shout out to Snake Eater (the local band that STYG drummer George Schmitz left for STYG.) and a really badass Hardcore song.

The second local were local KC veterans and deathcore juggernauts Conflicts. Who Manks hates and I love They put on a heavy as fuck performance as always, getting the crowd hyped with a sweet dogpile gang vocals moment during their last song I am Conqueror. SHAMELESS LOCAL WHORING PART 2

Stale Mate
Sewer Dweller
New Song
I am Conqueror

The crowd split quickly and gathered even quicker as Rotting Out began to set up. I love STYG to death but I might have been ore excited for Rotting Out. My first time seeing them was at autogarage in downtown KC, so I had no clue what to expect this time around. After the brief soundcheck, the first power chord came blasting through the monitors and before you knew it the crowd went fucking nuts, myself included .The crowd opened up in an instant as soon as Street Prowl started. Rotting Out brought an insane amount of intensity with their sweet crossover/Suicidal Tendencies-esque style. Between songs Walter interacted with crowd, going on tiny little rants. Talking about the songs. A little more talking than you would expect from a fast-paced band like them. but the crowd didn't seem to mind it and we went back to craziness(sometimes a little to violent) as soon as the next song started. Rotting Out absolutely ripped the place apart.

Rotting Out
Street Prowl
Suicide King
Blade of Rust
The Shoot Out
Iron-Jawed Angel
No Clue
Laugh Now, Die Later

I went and snagged a RO hoodie and came back to watch Such Gold, a band I am not too familiar with but like some of what I have heard. The crowd thickened up quite a bit for them but was pretty mellow for most of the set. As they got later into the set the crowd starting getting into it a bit, with the most movement during Sycamore. Either way they sounded great, though a major contrast to Rotting Out before them.

Such Gold
Two Year Plan
Survival of The Fondest
Gut Rot
Choosing Cages
Committe Circus
Another Day
Locked Out of the Magic Theater

My group and I quickly made our way to the front for STYG. I was pretty beat from Rotting Out so I wasn't planning on going nuts. But as soon as Jesse took the mic the crowd went nuts and so did I. After saying something brief, which I have no recollection of what he actually said, they exploded into the breakdown of Where The Sun Never Sleeps and directly into Against Them All. Every song was almost back to back, there were a million stage dives, and everything was spot on, and the energy was non-stop. Only complaint would have to be that they played a couple of songs way too fast, such as Diamond. Other than that everything was perfect and there was constant singing along. It's shows like these that got me into hardcore and even though STYG has gotten way bigger than when i first saw them play in an art gallery they still manage to keep the hardcore feel. Oh and I lied, my other complaint was that they only played 2 songs from The Hope Division and the rest was Diamond. Until the encore. As Amber ended everyone started moving away and the band started walking offstage and of course came the chants for "one more song". Then we started yelling for This is More. As soon as he heard that Jesse just put his head down and smiled saying "I wrote that song when I was 15. I'm 26 now, so you could see why I don't want to play it". Someone responded with "its a way to remember the past." Which he could only reply with "hey I guess you're right" and with that the first notes of This is More started, seperating the fans they won over with Diamond with those who have been listening for much longer. I went nuts along with other older fans and of course it ended with a spectacular dog pile

It was an overall fantastic show and I can't wait until they roll through here again.

Stick To Your Guns
Intro(Breakdown of Where The Sun Never Sleeps)
Against Them All
Such Pain
Bringing You Down
Empty Heads
We Still Believe
The Bond
D(I Am)ond
What Goes Around
This is More

Rotting Out:10/10
Such Gold: 6/10
Stick To Your Guns: 10/10
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