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I don't even see how you're missing my point. I clearly wrote.

The first few episodes consisted of nothing but introducing characters just to kill them off by the end while the main characters just kinda had to deal with it. The audience isn't given enough time to appreciate the new characters and none of the main characters did anything relevant."
followed by

Last nights episode for me was the only episode that succeeded in finally giving the audience a reason to care for the woodsbury people while some of the main characters finally get some support.
My point being that all the episodes before last nights episode barely had any relevance in leading up to the "big payoff" that you claim this weeks episode was. This weeks episode did everything right by finally giving the audience reasons to sympathize with the woodsbury people by putting one of the main characters in direct danger with them.

Do you really think what they did with Carrol was relevant to last nights episode? She could have very well been alongside Herschel the entire time and the audience could have sympathized more with her supposed stance on protecting the group at all costs.
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