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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
I actually don't know about that. Last summer's show was well attended but I don't think it was sold out or anything. They also drew a lot on the "reunion with a new album" concept, and the 2nd time around would just be like "Eh, we've seen this before." And we've seen with the biggest bands even that playing an area too much can hurt the next time they come around, especially with tickets to a Sabbath show being as pricey as they are. Even Metallica didn't play the same cities on both legs of their World Magnetic Tour back in 09 and they're far bigger than Sabbath.
For Sabbath (or at least for Tony, Ozzy, and Geezer (not sure about Sharon)), it can't be about the money anymore. Does it matter if they don't sell it out again as long as there is decent turnout? I really hope they don't skip Toronto, because I probably wouldn't travel for this.
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