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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
13.) Brutal Truth/Bastard Noise- Axiom Of Post Humanity
I know this isn't in alphabetical order but I forgot this one. Pure utter Garbage! Merzbow is more listenable and compelling than this. I love Brutal Truth to death but what the fuck happened? the album is literally just noise, like listening to SYL's Info Dump on an infinite loop while mixing in Mike Patton's Adult Theme For Voices. Just god awful!
Wow. That sound like the worst album ever. Since you compare it to Pattons solo album I'd say it's the number one bad album for 2013 and 2014.
09/19 - Deafheaven
10/18 - King Diamond
10/24 - Pallbearer
11/01 - Suffocation
11/30 - Devin Townsend
12/06 -DistantWorlds:theMusicofFinalFantasy
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