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i just listened to forty five minutes of Diamond Dallas Page on the radio doing an interview and dear god, I love that man. We've talked about this before but he just has the best stories and seems like the nicest guy in the world. I could listen to him for hours. If you're ever listening to the radio, watching TV or somewhere on the internet and a DDP interview or something comes up watch it. The guy is the best. He was never one of my favorite wrestlers when he was active but he's just one of my favorite people now. If I was at a signing or something and he was there I wouldn't be intimidated to talk to him at all. Because I think he'd just be cool with everyone.

On another wrestling related note; I took a wicked fall off a ladder at work today (and landed similar to the way Chris Jericho did at Unforgiven 2004). That was fun. Aside from a badly sprained wrist I'm fine. So I think I'm ready for CZW.
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