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I really disagree with last nights episode being a big pay off that was built up. The first few episodes consisted of nothing but introducing characters just to kill them off by the end while the main characters just kinda had to deal with it. The audience isn't given enough time to appreciate the new characters and none of the main characters did anything relevant. What they tried to do with Carrol could've been interesting but it felt pretty anticlimactic because they never showed her in action, nothing happened but a bunch of small conversations and minor details. Then they just drop it. There are cases where not showing something only adds to the mystery but in this case I really found the entire situation hard to swallow.

Last nights episode for me was the only episode that succeeded in finally giving the audience a reason to care for the woodsbury people while some of the main characters finally get some support.

How is Tyreese a good character? All hes done is put the group in further danger because of his recklessness. Darryl and Michonne haven't done anything this season. The writers are so scared to do anything dangerous with either of them because everyone loves them but they suffer from not having any sort of character development. Michonne especially has been having some really cringe worthy scenes lately.
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