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Ohio MetalFest -- Cleveland, OH -- November 10th, 2013

This was the 1st annual Ohio MetalFest. I saw a lot of people online saying thing like, "There aren't any REAL metal bands, these bands suck, it should be called CoreFest, blah, blah, blah." Oh well. I'll let the naysayers say "Nay." I was really bummed when Sepultura & Unearth dropped off this show less than 2 weeks ago. They were 2 of the main reasons I bought a ticket. Nevertheless, I was determined to make the road trip worth it & to have a blast. Besides, SEVENDUST WAS IN THE HOUSE, so it was gonna be great! I arrived 40 min before doors opened and still had to stand in line almost 2 hours to get in. That wasn't fun, but other than that I thought the show was excellent. The only other beefs I had were minor. Besides All That Remains & Asking Alexandria, all of the bands got 30 min or less. Also, they tried to stagger the bands between the 2 stages so that people could try to see all of em, but that didn't work out. Consequently there were a few bands that I could only catch a few songs by, and I had to miss all of the band Structures because they played at the same time as Sevendust. Oh well, those things happen at all of these festivals w/ 25+ bands. In w/ the show review:

Along Came A Spider - I caught their last 4 songs after finally making it inside. They kicked off the main stage w/ a bang. Check em out!

Winds of Plague - They had some sound issues early on but finished strong. Good set.

Sentients - I had nothing else to do, so I went to the 2nd stage to check em out. I caught their last 4 songs. Really cool (and heavy) local band. I'll definitely check em out some more.

Veil of Maya - Great stuff as always!

The Word Alive - I like them, but I have seen them a TON of times this year (6 or 7 times), so I sort of need a break from them.

Twelve Foot Ninja - I'd never heard of them before. They are a VERY unique and cool band from Australia. I only saw their last 3 songs, but I am a big fan.

I See Stars - I'd heard of them but never heard their music. I did not know they were from Detroit, and I didn't know they were so awful.

Bleeding Through - They were some of the elders at this show. Most of the crowd had never heard of them. They absolutely stole the show. They had a TON of crowd surfers during "Anti-Hero" and the biggest circle pit of the night during "Kill To Believe." The crowd absolutely LOVED Bleeding Through. Too bad for most of the people in attendance their 1st Bleeding Through show will be their last. Bleeding Through owned the night! Their set was worth the trip & the ticket price by itself. I am so glad I got to see em one last time.

Bleeding Through setlist
Love Lost In a Hail of Gunfire
For Love and Failing
Goodbye To Death
Revenge I Seek
Kill To Believe

Born of Osiris - These guys are always solid, and this was no exception.

Dayshell - I only saw their last 3 songs, but I am glad I got to check em out, especially since they did not play at the Detroit MayhemFest date this summer. Good stuff.

Periphery - I only watched 2 or 3 songs by them because unfortunately Gideon over-lapped w/ their set on the other stage. Oh well.

Gideon - The peeps went bonkers for them. It was such a fun set!

Gideon setlist
Bad Blood
Kingdom Minded
Still Alive
Prodigal Son

For Today - I absolutely LOVE this band, and seeing them live is always a ball, but I really wish they would change up their setlist a bit. I like all their stuff, but I'd like to hear some different songs off of IMMORTAL or anything off of PREVAILER. They did a new song called "Fight The Silence," so that was cool.

For Today setlist
Under God
Fight The Silence

Dead Letter Circus - Another band from Australia. I checked em out just because I had nothing else to do, so I went to the 2nd stage. I saw their last 2 songs. Nothing special.

Emmure - Even though I do not like them, I have seen em live at least 7x now. They're OK live. They bring the heavy. I just do not care for their music.

Sevendust - They said that on this tour w/ Asking Alexandria & the younger bands they've had to build a relationship w/ all these new people who didn't know who they were. A few songs into their set I sort of started chuckling to myself. There were so many kids at this show who had obviously never even heard of Sevendust, and here I am going on 45x seeing them live. That makes me feel older than dirt. : ). Sevendust definitely won over some new fans, though. I think this tour will be good for them. It exposes them to a ton of kids who would never go to see them otherwise, and most Sevendust fans wouldn't check out a band like For Today, so I think it's good for everybody. If Bleeding Through were the elders of this show, then I guess 7d are the ancestors. They played a great set, though. They especially killed it during "Pieces," which was their closer. This was seriously the first time I've seen them end with any song except "Face To Face" since the album SEASONS came out 10 years ago. That was different, and not expected at all. You'll always hear me say this, but great set by Sevendust.

Sevendust setlist
Til Death
Strong Arm Broken

All That Remains - They were excellent. I had no idea they had such a big fan base now. Well deserved! I'll definitely check out their headlining show next month. Can't wait to see em again.

All That Remains setlist
Down Through The Ages
This Calling
Stand Up
Now Let Them Tremble
For We Are Many
Asking Too Much
What If I Was Nothing
Hold On
Two Weeks

Crown the Empire headlined the 2nd stage, and Asking Alexandria closed the show, but I did not stay for those 2 bands. I had a long drive back. The show was worth the trip, and I hope to go back next year.
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