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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
You don't have size restrictions for carry-ons on domestic flights?
Of course we do. Practically every airline in the world does, and TSA has their own limits about what size bags can fit through the scanning machines at airports as well, so that effectively covers every airline that flies via the USA at a minimum.

Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
Technically yes, but no one enforces them.
Of course they do - just not consistently. Most of the time, if the flight is full (which is nearly always the case for domestic flights these days), then as the plane starts to fill up during the boarding process, they start forcing passengers to valet check their bags, which means they tag it and take it from you at the end of the jetway and then give it back to you at the end of the jetway at the end of that flight segment (in other words, it doesn't have to go through the baggage handling system). They do this at no additional cost to prevent cluster fucks on flights due to people trying to cram oversize bags into the overhead bins that obviously don't fit there. If your bag is obviously too large, they'll force you to valet check it whether the flight is full or not (but like I said, really large bags won't even make it past security because TSA flags them early in the process).
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