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Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
Fake bullshit haha. Coming straight from a band members mouth is fake. I am just saying what I heard, could care less if its true or not.

As far as your weak page, you just steal info from other people anyway. You have no sources.
So you could careless if what you heard was true or not then proceed to throw insults at my page which you have consistently posted on. Its simple, don't go to my page. I mean who wants visit my page that got 90% of the last Mayhem Fest line up correct? To think I made that up or did that without sources is amazing to say the least.

The only thing weak around here is the fact you tried to befriend my ex and talk her into meeting you at Iron Maiden in Nashville lol. Why don't you tell everyone about asking her for nude pics and then I'll tell them about some fake gifs she sent so you would back off and leave her alone about it? Do you wanna do that?
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