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Indeed. The concept of paying someone to hang a coat up bemuses me entirely.

And I never queue either, if I can possibly help it. I just arrive for the first band I want to see, whether that's the first opener or not. Very rarely are they on so soon after doors that the queue hasn't gone by that point. The only place I do queue is Brixton Academy, because it is absolutely impossible to get a good spot to watch from if you don't.

Incidentally, what I notice most people do when faced with the cold outside, warm inside problem is wearing a thinner jacket, with a hoodie or similar underneath. Then once inside they remove the jumper, tie it round their waist, and put the jacket back on again. Seems to work for most people, although perhaps even that many layers may not be enough in a Canadian winter?

Of course, I suppose there's no escaping the heat in a gig no matter the weather if you're the kind of fan who insists on being in the crush down the front?

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