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Raven -- New Castle, DE -- November 9th, 2013

Venue: JB McGinnes
Support: Season of Mourning, Power Theory, Sleepy Hollow


01 Take Control
02 Live at the Inferno
03 All for One
04 Hard Ride
05 Breaking You Down
06 Rock Until You Drop
07 Guitar Solo
08 Stay Hard (exerpt)
09 Speed of the Reflex
10 Mind Over Metal
11 Faster Than the Speed of Light
12 Gimme a Break
13 For the Future
14 On and On
15 Bass Solo
16 Break the Chain (incl. snippets of War Pigs, Rock the Nation, Rock Bottom, I Don't Need No Doctor, Sympton of the Universe, Won't Get Fooled Again, Genocide)
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