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Finntroll -- West Springfield, VA -- November 4th, 2013

Full Review

First night of the NA tour.

a debut of a local folk metal band was also at this date!

I have a Metsatoll set in shambles (tho the NY one seems like it might be accurate, but has a couple more songs), Blackguard missing one song, and a full Finntroll one thanks to my friend getting a setlist

Metsatoll was good, but I only knew maybe one or 2 of their songs. Very artsy ending to their set (tho kind of zz inducing, not that it wasn't a good song, just not a good one to end on).

Blackguard was about the same as always but a much better/varied setlist, some old songs, some new songs. Nothing really new otherwise. Solid.

Finntroll, I'd not seen before and they were fun, despite some engrishy moments. Troll ears and blue streaks of facepaint were fun.
Their mix of folk metal, black metal blastbeats, and seemingly carnival organ was rather entertaining live

Sekengard (7-7:19)
  • ?
  • ? Asian song
  • Polka
  • For Skengard

Yesterdays Saints ( 7:40-7:58)
  • Origen Adamantius
  • The Recruitment
  • Cain's Agony
Metsatöll (8:13 -8:57) (maybe to update as this is a mess)
  • ?
  • ? starts w mouthharp
  • ?'metsatoll/
  • ? chant start
  • ? hey hey ?
  • Muhu õud
  • ?Suruman yahka estrella damned if i know
  • ?heavy w flute
  • ? harpsicord intro
  • ? fast start march slow chants

( reports for NY ->

Kivine maa
Kui meid sõtta sõrmitie
Minu kodu
Muhu õud
Vaid vaprust
Saaremaa vägimees

Blackguard (9:07- 10:09)
  • ?
  • Wastelands
  • Scarlet to Snow
  • In Time
  • This Round's on me
  • The Dying Season
  • Northern Storm
  • Tephra (over the PA)
  • Firefight

Finntroll (10:33 -11:58) via setlist
  • Intorr
  • Blodsvept
  • Solsagan
  • Mordminnen
  • Ett folk förbannat
  • Dråp
  • Slaget vid blodsälv
  • En mäktig här
  • Intro
  • Svartberg
  • När Jättar Marschera
  • Under bergets rot
  • Nedgång
  • Skövlarens död
  • Skogsdotter
  • Häxbrygd
  • Jaktens tid
  • Nattfödd
  • Trollhammaren
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