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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
I don't know much about AJ Styles, but I would say that the following roster spots are just as you described.

Tons of Funk
David Otunga
Ezekiel Jackson
Justin Gabriel
Zack Ryder
Sin Cara
Los Matadores
Curtis Axel
Great Khali
Curt Hawkins
Most of the Divas

...and more. The company is loaded with uninteresting people.
Agree with all of this except Christian and R-Truth. Christian is still pretty good in the ring and is a solid upper mid card veteran who can help out some of the younger guys by working matches with them. When he's given mic time and is allowed to actually let his personality shine, he's an excellent mic worker. The problem is, the WWE doesn't seem to ever allow him to do that. I guess they don't want him to get over and get bigger pops than Vince's chosen few do.

R-Truth is pretty much the same as Christian now. As he proved a couple years ago when he turned heel, went nuts and became the "it's a conspiracy" R-Truth, he can be an interesting and entertaining character as long as the WWE allows him to showcase it. Unfortunately, the WWE seems to end interesting characters far too soon in recent years and that's a huge problem.

The only one other one on your list I would keep around would be Justin Gabriel. There's no reason he can't be used as a solid mid card guy. Considering both the IC and US champs have very few challengers, he could make a decent contender for one of those championships.

Everyone else, fucking useless.
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