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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
A character with alcoholism is brilliant. Makes the show relatable.
Flaws make characters more interesting. That's a rule of thumb. The reason Darryl's character became stale last season was because he didn't have any flaws. The writers transformed his character from the very personality flawed individual he was in season 1 and 2 into a more sociable, agreeable, strong, perfect sort of character that really didn't have any noticeable flaws in season 3. This is a writing error, in my opinion, and needs to be rectified this season if Darryl is going to retain any sense of intrigue.

This is apart from the rampant fangirlism going around right now and the slobbering over his masculinity (also in question, in my opinion) and crossbow. This is a personality issue. His masculinity and crossbow don't make him a good character.

We like characters that have flaws because we relate to them. We relate to them because we are flawed ourselves, or so we think. This is one of the premises of Lost that made it so appealing to so many people.
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