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Hey guys, I am back.

Hopefully you guys didn't miss me too much, haha. Well like John said, I was discharged before and 9 hours later I was back in the hospital with some of the worst pain I ever felt.

then for the next 4 days I was given only Tylenol to ease my pain. I was told pain medications like Dilaudid (or however it is spelled) and Morphine would only make my stomach pain worse. It wasn't until this past Saturday they doctors finally figured out what was going on....they got me addicted to grade Heroin!

When I had my gallbladder taken out they doped me up so much I became addicted and then left me cold turkey ever since then. My body couldn't take it and I was in misery for weeks. from the ER visit to Saturday Night I was on 4 hours sleep, MAYBE, no food, barely any water, constantly throwing up, shivering and wanting to die. It wasn't until I got on Methadone that I finally started getting relief and I then slept for the better part of 36 hours.

Today is the first day since entering the hospital the first time that I actually feel like I can get back to normal. It's still going to take roughly a month for me to be fully back on track but it will be worth it.

The sad part is that I had to sadly step down from opening for Morbid Angel on the 18th, but I did get one hell of a fill in to take my place... Mr. Duane Timlin (Anal Blast, Divine Empire, Dying Fetus, Invidiosus). So he has my total blessing.

I totally had nothing to do with this, but just in case any of you are generous enough, my guitarist's girlfriend made a fundraiser page for me to help with medical bills and to get my life back on track, if you feel like donating the link is here:

Hopefully, this is my last time being in the hospital for a long, Long, LONG time.
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