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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
So is Hogan out of TNA? I don't follow it at all.... as just curious with you guys talking about him makign a guest appearance at Royal Rumble.

ALso..... Tyson Kidd.... HELL YEAH! So awesome to see him back, such a beast in the ring. I hope they get Justin Gabriel away from the "Los Locales" or whatever and put them back together.....
Hogan is gone from TNA and from what I've read on a few sites, has made a verbal agreement to come back to the WWE. As of yet no contract has been signed though.

It was nice to see Tyson Kidd back. Hopefully, they keep him with Natalya as his manager/mouthpiece since he can't talk for shit and Natalya is at least passable on the mic. I thought that Los Locales were Tyson and Ricardo Rodriguez? The tag division is a little crowded right now so i'm not sure where Kidd and Gabriel would fit into it if they got back together. Being a singles competitor and maybe getting a push towards the IC or US title would be better for Kidd right now. Especially, if they want to try and push him because he's on Total Divas.
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