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Originally Posted by W0unds View Post
The prices are a bit crazy for the Toronto show. I think my friends and I paid a little over $90 for floor tickets at Ricoh. Now tickets for the Kool Haus are $81 on Ticketmaster. I don't think I have ever paid this much to see a band in a club.

I suspect they will have issues selling more tickets at this price point.
I hope they drop the ticket price for the Toronto show. This is as close as Slayer is getting to me on this tour and my brother and I were thinking of making the trip up there to see them. But $81 a ticket for a GA venue is just too much. I thought with the venue being changed from an arena to a club, the price would surely go down.

I like Slayer, but after the fees, you're talking almost $100 a ticket. There's a short list of bands that i'm willing to pay that much for but Slayer isn't one of them.
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