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Daniel Bryan is indeed out of the WWE Title picture after the storyline "reset" at last Monday's RAW. For now, there are no plans for Bryan to contend for the championship.

There is at least some talk of putting some contention back on Bryan during WrestleMania season but he is in a program with CM Punk and The Wyatt Family for the next few months.

In WWE's mind, they made Bryan a star and showed the audience that he can hang with their other top Superstars. The storyline is that Bryan couldn't overcome The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, so later on down the line this can be addressed again.
For fucks sake. And WWE wonders why their ratings are always dropping and they can't build stars for the future. You fucked up with Ryback big time and now you could potentially fuck up your hottest thing on the planet right now. I just can't.
I.......dropped the the tuna!!!!!!!!!!
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