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Satyricon Ė Now, Diabolical (2006)

A lot of people will tell you if you donít like Satyricons earlier albums you arenít a fan of black metal. Those same people will tell you that if you like Satyricons later stuff you are a sell-out, no knowledge, bandwagon hoping, mainstream loving douche and you should just go listen to 30 Seconds to Mars. Well, okay then. Here I go: I think Nemesis Divina sucks. Forgive me for liking music that is simple, catchy, well written, well produced and enjoyable to listen to. Maybe I should just force myself to listen to Nemesis Divina even though I think it sucks and is torturous to listen to just so I donít have to trade in my ďtr00 kvltĒ card for a gift certificate to Hot Topic. Or maybe Iíll just continue to enjoy this. A great album that follows the road they (Satyricon) started on Rebel Extravaganza and Volcano but stripped of whatever cold and grimness was left in them. What weíre left with is a really catchy, blackened hard rock album. A review I read about this album when it came out stated that this was Satyricons ĎBlack Albumí. Thatís really the best description of this album Iíve heard and thereís nothing wrong with that. Itís full of wicked, catchy songs and awesome melodies. The guitar work is so simple yet so awesome. A lot of the riffs are just single notes with sight string bends but itís so damn hypnotic. And thatís the best way to describe later Satyricon: hypnotic. Theyíll just lock into a groove and before you know it five minutes have passed and youíll hit repeat. There's not a bad song on this album. Fuck Nemesis Divina, listen to Now, Diabolical!
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