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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
Yes, it does. The only venues that charge more than $2.50 in fees at the window are the Live Nation owned summer sheds. Example: Comcast Center. $13 in fees per ticket at the box office, simply because Live Nation controls them. The Live Nation online fees for summer shows approached $25 per ticket last summer.

If the face value of a ticket is $75 for an arena show, it will cost you $77.50 at the box office if they have fees. Sometimes they don't. Bought a ticket for Rush last year, day of show, at the Verizon Wireless Arena and it was $96 face value with no surcharges.

I was at the House of Blues in August for Ted Nugent. $35 at the box office, day of show or beforehand. $48 online.

Of course, it could be different where you are, but I can't imagine it. Face value on the Slayer tickets are $39.50. If you go to the box office and they're more than $42, I'd be honestly surprised.
the dallas venue is live nation. not every venue omits service fees at the box office. some venues dont even have box offices.
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