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Lamb of God -- Detroit, MI -- October 29th, 2013

Huntress played first. I was them at MayhemFest this summer as well. They're pretty good musicians w/ a unique sounding vocalist. Decent band to open the show.

Testament played next & totally stole the show. This was my 4th time seeing them. They're absolutely amazing!

Killswitch Engage played a bunch of stuff off of their latest CD. That's fine with me. It doesn't really matter to me what songs they play. I'm such a huge fan, and they're always fun to see live. Highlights, though, were "Turning Point" and Rose of Sharyn."

Killswitch Engage setlist
The New Awakening
A Bid Farewell
Fixation on the Darkness
Rose of Sharyn
No End In Sight
You Don't Bleed For Me
Temple From The Within
A Tribute to the Fallen
Turning Point
My Last Serenade
In Due Time
My Curse
The End of Heartache

Lamb of God headlined. I thought they were destined to have a weak set because they had to follow such awesome sets by KsE and Testament. However, they were really solid. They played a lot of songs from AS THE PALACES BURN for that CD's 10th anniversary. They also had a really cool video show to go along w/ their set. I read that this would be their last US tour in support of their album RESOLUTION. That's too bad.

Lamb of God setlist
Ghost Walking
Walk With Me In Hell
Set To Fail
The Undertow
Now You've Got Something To Die For
Laid To Rest
11th Hour
Black Label
12/4 It Lies Within
12/11 & 15 For Today
12/16 WCAR
12/18 I Prevail
1/11 ABR
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