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Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Witchcraft View Post
And trying to skip Ticketbastard fees by buying at the venue doesn't work, either.
Yes, it does. The only venues that charge more than $2.50 in fees at the window are the Live Nation owned summer sheds. Example: Comcast Center. $13 in fees per ticket at the box office, simply because Live Nation controls them. The Live Nation online fees for summer shows approached $25 per ticket last summer.

If the face value of a ticket is $75 for an arena show, it will cost you $77.50 at the box office if they have fees. Sometimes they don't. Bought a ticket for Rush last year, day of show, at the Verizon Wireless Arena and it was $96 face value with no surcharges.

I was at the House of Blues in August for Ted Nugent. $35 at the box office, day of show or beforehand. $48 online.

Of course, it could be different where you are, but I can't imagine it. Face value on the Slayer tickets are $39.50. If you go to the box office and they're more than $42, I'd be honestly surprised.
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