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Awesome set.

Outside of Kiss Cruise if you want the deep cuts you need to pay for the meet and greet for the acoustic show that serves as their "soundcheck"

They will play virtually any deep cut during those sets and they are amazing. A lot of bands charge insane amounts for a VIP package or meet and greet and you get nothing out of the ordinary.

Kiss delivers if you can afford the meet and greet. It is worth saving up for. One of the great moments of my life.

We got Got to Choose, part of I Still Love You, Coming Home, Beth, God of Thunder, Do You Love Me, Christeen Sixteen, Mr Speed and Hard Luck Woman if memory serves me correctly and every night it is completely different.

I agree that adding a couple of deep cuts to the main set every night would be fantastic but also agree the typical dope buying a ticket won't know them and would want crap like Rock and Roll All Nite instead of the deep cuts (sorry for anyone who likes that song-can't stand it anymore but it helped turn me on to Kiss at least)
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