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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
What Benoit did was terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. But it's really too bad that his legacy got completely fucked. He had such a great year in 2004 and it's just been written off and erased. Do I blame the WWE? No, I wouldn't want to be in any way associated with him either. But so much great material is lost now. It just makes me sad.

Especially when they release Wrestlemania XX and Triple H doesn't tap to anyone anymore.
Benoit winning the world title at maina 20 was one of the last times I can recall where something happened in wrestling that made me stand up and cheer while watching it in my living room. I remember he had Triple H in the crossface for so long I didn't think he was going to tap at all. I remember while Trips was in the crossface my dad, brother and I were all screaming at the TV "TAP YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!! TAP!!!"

The embrace between Benoit and Eddie after the match was awesome. I will admit that when I've watched that in recent years I get a little choked up. Eddie's title win the month before and Benoit's at wrestlemaina 20 were easily two of the most emotional world title wins you will ever see. That's the problem now, there isn't too much to get emotionally invested in with today's WWE. They had something close with Daniel Bryan but they blew that by not giving him the belt and letting him run with it.
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