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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
Why must everyone insist on attacking each others opinions for crying out loud....
Wow, you really have no idea how an internet message board works do you?

We join a place like this to state our opinions on the music we love and discuss it with other fans. Attacking others people's opinions is a huge part of what goes on not only on this forum, but most internet forums you can find. You need to think before you say something like "the new Steel Panther song has one of the best metal riffs ever". When you say something like that you better be able to defend it. Unfortunately, there is no defending Steel Panther.

You're getting a lot of hate because Steel Panther is a joke of a band. I don't even think their fans take them seriously, let alone the metal community at large. You can't say something about a joke metal band having one of the best metal riffs ever on an internet forum and not expect the members to come after you.

You need to realize what the statement you made about the Steel Panther riff means. By saying it's one of the best metal riffs ever, you're pretty much saying it's either in the same league or better than anything bands like Sabbath, Priest and the big four have done. That may have not been your intention but that's what you're saying when you call that riff one of the all time best in metal. Most of us here take our metal seriously and will call you out when you make statements like that one.

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