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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
I don't think they suck, but you got to realize that most of Steel Panther's riffs are usually derivative of classic metal/rock bands like Van Halen, Bon Jovi, even Metallica. Throwing around a big statement like 'best riffs in metal' is a big statement to make anyway, specially considering you only listen to one genre of metal generally, but to say it about a band whose whole gimmick is that they are poking fun at and often being derivative of heavy metal in general is going to attract derision.

I don't care for Steel Panther at all, but just a piece of advice, there is a big difference between 'best riffs in metal' and 'I think the riffs are extremely good' - one is far less inflammatory than the other in open forum. Pick your words, and no-one will have a problem!
Ok, just to say though if I enjoy playing the riff on guitar I will probably consider it a top metal riff.Come to think of it though it sounds like the riff from Lil' Jack Horny by Extreme.And about the one genre of metal, that's not really true anymore, it's my favorite yes but I'm almost equally obsessed with power metal and melodic death metal as I am with glam metal.
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