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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I still don't see why the Wyatts are popular.
The wrestling show I listen to on Sirius XM was popping huge for them once their first vingette aired up until they made their debut. I swear they were building it up like it was the second coming. Then they made their debut and even that show stopped talking about them. Granted, that debut didn't go over too well. The crowd chanting "Husky Harris" really killed it. And a feud with Kane isn't anything to get excited about. Let's face it, Kane is just a stepping stone at this point. When I saw the vigettes I thought they were really cool but didn't know how it would transcend to wrestling. And I guess it really hasn't.

But, it looks like they went after CM Punk Monday so that could be a step in a very good direction. From what I've heard Bray Wyatt is a very good wrestler and good on the mic, so the back and forth between him and Punk could be epic.
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