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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I loved hearing Disciple, Payback, and Dittohead back to back to back.

Oh yeah, I was gonna ask; You probably regret wearing that jack at the show now? I made the big mistake of doing that on sundays). You were probably soaking wet by the time the show was over.
Don't get me wrong, I loved hearing Disciple and Payback too, and I don't think I saw Dittohead before so that was cool.

But compared to Sunday's setlist this one just doesn't compare. I'd be drooling if I had gone to that show. I was pretty bummed when I heard the intro to World Painted Blood and not Hell Awaits last night. That subsided quicly though. I did forget that they played Die By The Sword and they did do that Exodus cover, so this set might've been better than the Vegas one. But we also lost ALtar of Sacrifice and Jesus Saves too, which was lame, so I don't know.

Plus I was kinda hoping for Threshold like they played in Vegas since I haven't seen that song but I have seen Payback before.

And I chucked the jacket after like 4 songs. That jacket was like 6 years old and it was starting to fall apart anyways so no biggie. I just forgot to take it off. And I was soaking wet at the end even without the jacket.
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