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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Why? So we can see the Rock put on another piss poor match like the ones he did with Punk and Cena last year, no thanks. If HBK returned for a match with Bryan at wrestlemainia you know damn well he would get himself into good enough shape to put on another great match. If he returned, HBK would without a doubt make the match the best it could be. He has a better chance of doing that with Bryan then he does with The Rock. Plus, the storyline is already there with Bryan and HBK. What kind of story could they come up with that would make him come out of retirement to face the Rock? If Bryan goes over HBK in a match it would make Bryan an untouchable star in the company. The Rock and HBK gain nothing if one beats the other.

The WWE completely fucked up all the build up they gave Bryan over the last few months by not giving him the belt. It's been awhile since a face was as over and hot as Bryan has been these last six months or so. For them to completely ignore that and not cash in on a Bryan title run is just down right stupid and really shows how out of touch Vince has become. But I guess it's that time to push Boreton again because 10 boring world title reigns wasn't enough for him already.

No matter what Vince thinks or does, Randy Orton is just never gonna be the guy like he's always wanted him to be since he first debuted ten years ago. He's just too boring.

This. I LOVE Orton as a wrestler but the guy doesn't have the personality to be top dog. I get that they keep him up high because he's huge with the crowd but when you have guys like Punk, Daniel, Ziggy, and even Cena who have mic skills and such it makes no sense.

And also don't even count on Rock being back for Wrestlemania. Reports are that there are no plans for him to be back in WWE for it.
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