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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Boy is the internet not happy about this Bryan angle.
I think they've dragged it out too long and he's lost a lot of steam. The thing I'm most unhappy about is the prospect of Shawn Micheals coming back for a match. I'd prefer guys to stay retired. Especially when they get a good send-off like he did. If he comes back once he'll keep coming back and he'll be no better than Ric Flair or Terry Funk.

But if he does come back it just shows that the WWE has no faith in their young talent and they have to bring back another "part timer" to fill seats. Just like last years Wrestlemania, and probably this years too.

The WWE may be in more trouble than you think when it comes to the future. They're fine now because those guys can still go but in ten years HBK, the Undertaker and so on won't be able to go, period. Wrestlemania XXX will be fine and probably Wrestlemanias XXXI thru XXXIV, but what are they going to do come Wrestlamania XXXIX?
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