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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
He sells merch and tickets. That's #1 priority to them, ALWAYS. Don't you think they're afraid of live events turning into that pic of TNA we saw above? I doubt it will happen, but it seems like they are just making sure.

I like Sandow too, and I like PTP, Ryder, Drew McIntyre, Barrett, Ambrose, Cesaro, and even Heath Slater is good. But this roster is so way overloaded with undercards and is so bottom heavy they need to rethink this approach.

They almost need to trim the fat, bring back genuine jobbers to not bury genuine talent and give good pushes to the best of the best.
You hit the nail on the head, I'm just fucking tired of it. I'm not made that he cashed in and lost. If he had of cashed in and lost to Alberto Del Rio, or CM Punk or Orton I'd be applauding the WWE for doing something different. It's just why is it ALWAYS Cena?

That said, if MitB was around in the late 1990's and someone tried to cash in on Stone Cold they'd have lost. And if someone tried to cash in on Triple H circa 2002-2005 they wouldn't have had a chance. But that never happened, this always does. I didn't even watch Raw, if watched the video posted on of the match. But that five minutes reminded me why I never watch any more.

I'd imagine this is how wrestling fans from the 1960's and 1970's felt in the 1980's when Hogan and Hulkamania was going strong.
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