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Originally Posted by anomynous View Post

Now onto my issue with the tour: Why the fuck is Battlecross billed over Revocation? Pretty sure that the tour manager has to be realizing that's fucked up. Revocation got a much, much stronger crowd reaction than Battlecross. Granted I only saw a few BC songs, but the crowd was clearly into Revocation a lot more. During Mark's "we'd like to thank all the bands" spiel and naming them, the crowd went nuts when he mentioned Revocation, and non enthusiastic cheering for Battlecross. When I was there for BC, not that many people were paying attention to them. Granted, the World Series was being televised on all the TVs at the bar and it's StL, but still. Revocation clearly ahould be billed above Battlecross. They would probably only get time for one more song, but still.

I agree that Revocation should be billed above Battlecross now. But i can kind of see why Battlecross is billed higher. They absolutely destroyed at Mayhem Fest and have been on a tear for the past year. I think they'll be more popular than Revocation by next year maybe. Yes Revocation has been doing it longer, and their music is arguably better and are way more popular worldwide... For this tour and these fans I agree that Revocation would be more popular. But if you put these bands on a North American tour with Lamb of God or Killswitch Engage I'd be willing to bet Battlecross would be more popular.
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