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That Sandow cash in was strange. It's rare they book someone to look strong but also look like a chump at the same time. Sandow and Cena put on a pretty good match and Sandow looked decent even in defeat. But when you factor in the sneak attack on Cena's injured arm and the fact that Sandow couldn't put him away in a long match, Sandow really comes out looking bad in the end.

That's the huge issue with the MITB winner. They sometimes give to guys who can be main eventers like Sandow, but they just aren't quite at that level yet. There's also times where they give it to people who should never be main eventers. Ziggler, Swagger and The Miz come immediately to mind. I like Sandow but I thought it was too soon for him to win the MITB. I think he could benefit more from having a good run with the IC or US title first before becoming world champ. Maybe that's just the old school fan in me talking but that's one of the things midcard titles were used for back in the day.
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