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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Anyone been keeping up with the news seasons of Homeland, American Horror Story or Arrow? Those three have been my "must watch" shows as of late.
I've been recording Homeland (you're on season 3 like us, right?), but haven't watched any of it yet.

I spent the last two days catching up with the first 11 episodes of Under The Dome. Now up to date as far as has been broadcast here, and love it so far. Two to go.

American Horror Story and Arrow haven't been broadcast on free-to-air here yet. My current must-watch/record list is:

Orphan Black
Under The Dome
Homeland 3
Ripper Street 2
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Castle 3 (we're horrifically behind on this, it's getting annoying that we have to wait so long for it)
The Mentalist 5

I'm up to date on Orphan Black (last two on Friday), Under The Dome, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Castle and Atlantis. Haven't watched any Homeland, Ripper Street or Mentalist yet. And I've got a backlog of Top of The Lake, Luther 3, and Whitechapel 3 to watch, plus The Escape Artist starting tonight.

28/8 Chantel McGregor
10/9 Ricky Warwick
11/9 W.A.S.P.
18/9 Theater Equation

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