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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
I think you're referring to static resistant inner sleeves, the kind that are clear and kind of stick to the vinyl? If so, they absolutely work. I bought Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse of Reason last year on vinyl and both vinyls were housed in those static resistant sleeves, which the seller swore to me would make a difference in the sound, and the records play completely silently. No dust at all, no static, no popping. I've never heard that album sound so good.

Also, since you haven't bought a turntable yet, they actually make ones that come with a stylus that has a brush attached that hits the vinyl before the needle, thus sort of cleaning the record as it spins. Might be worth looking into.
Yeah, those bad boys. Disappointingly expensive, I've noticed. I ordered 100 of the outer sleeves yesterday, which should be with me tomorrow. Now I've got to consider my inner sleeve options. Also, I need some outer ones for my singles. Some of those are just in the cardboard outer sleeves with absolutely no inner sleeve at all, not even a paper one. Cheap motherfuckers.

When it comes to getting a turntable, I'll totally be hitting up the vinyl crowd here for recommendations, because I haven't got a fucking clue what I'm looking at

But that's some way off right now, as I simply don't have the space for one.

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