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I never even got a chance to post my thoughts on Cena winning the World Heavyweight Championship. I was going to say that it was good and bad. Good because his winning the title would elevate it back to a respectable level. And good because if a lower card guy (like Damien Sandow) could beat him for it it would elevate them too. But bad because I could see him facing Orton in a title unification match he would ultimately win. And bad because I know the WWE doesn't consider a guy like Sandow on the same level as Cena, so if he were to cash in I could've seen him losing.

And before I could post it Sandow cashes in, dominates Cena, gets hotter than hell in the process...and loses. FUCKING BULLSHIT. It's days like these that I fucking hate the WWE and their eternal push of Cena.
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