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Our was a "fest" with one local band playing the mainstage, and the rest playing in between sets in the other room. Diamond Plate went on around 6:30. I don't like their albums, but they brought it live.

Yes, Warbringer really is unfortunate in this city. I don't remember what show it was the last time, but the time before that it was Exhumed & Havok on the same night. John Kevill even made a joke last night along the lines of "thanks for coming to our show, even though there's a bigger one down the street yet again." The venue owners did try to combine the shows, but somewhere along the line it fell apart. I was glad I went over to see them, they said all the Empires Collapse material was one of the first times they've played it live, if not the first time for that song. They totally did the first half straight through on a whim too.

I'll type of a review of the DA show later.

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