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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
Christopher and I got inside the venue just as soon as Gojira finished. Sorry Tony.

Incredible show. Christopher dropped my beer, but its cool. I got nothing but love for my people.

This was my 7th time seeing Slayer and it was easily in my top three out of the seven times that I've seen them. Band was very tight and on point. Highlight of the show was "Postmortem" and "At Dawn They Sleep" simply because they sounded so fucking good live. Hot damn. Oh yeah, Tom is super fatt and has a wicked awesome beard.
I remember thinking Tom was looking dangerously skinny over the last five years or so. Now he's fat? Good for Tom. He must've said "Fuck it. I'm in Slayer so I'm just gonna let myself go!"

Die by the fork!!!!
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