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Death Angel -- St. Louis, MO -- October 27th, 2013


The Hive
Manically Unleashed
Dismantle the Dictator
No Funeral

Death Angel:

Left for Dead
Son of the Morning
Mistress of Pain
Relentless Revolution
Claws in So Deep
The Dream Calls for Blood
Seemingly Endless Time
Execution - Don't Save Me
Thicker Than Blood
Sonic Beatdown
Caster of Shame

Lord of Hate
Bored / Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath cover)
Thrown to the Wolves w/ The Ultra Violence Outro

I don't have Diamond Plate's set, and I left during Battlecross & 3IOB to go see my friend's band open for Warbringer down the street. As a result, I stayed for some of Warbringer's set before leaving to go back to see Death Angel. Warbringer keeps getting fucked in St. Louis because they get booked months in advance at the Firebird, then down the line Fubar will get a "better" show on the same day. As a result, the Warbringer shows have poor turnout. There was maybe 12 people there.

Bonus Warbringer set:

Turning of the Gears
One Dimension
Hunter Seeker
Black Sun, Black Moon
Severed Reality
Other songs
Total War

I left during SR.

The show was a metal fest, with the tour being in the main stage and the locals playing inbetween sets in the lounge side of the venue. Didn't watch any of them, but having seen some of these bands before, I didn't miss anything. First up on the main stage was Encrypted, a nu metal band that keeps getting put on thrash shows for some reason. Not horrible, but they don't fit. Only local to play main stage.

Diamond Plate was enjoyable, and I don't like their albums at all. They put a lot of effort in, and the crowd liked it. Played for about 25 minutes.

Next up was Revocation. Second time seeing them, and they killed it. I'll talk more about them later. Brett got about six inches away from my face and had a stare down with me in the middle of Invidious, so that's something.

Saw a few Battlecross songs. Left to see Warbringer. Came back for Death Angel. Second time seeing them, and they killed it. Holy shit, Mark was nailing everything vocally. Rob & Ted were nailing everything. Will & Damien were good as the "new blood" according to Mark. Not to mention the killer set. If you like the new album, the time to see them is now, considering they're playing half of it. The Bored/Heaven & Hell medley was cool, apparently most cities aren't getting it. Play Bored until the solo, go into H&H until the solo, then back to Bored.

Now onto my issue with the tour: Why the fuck is Battlecross billed over Revocation? Pretty sure that the tour manager has to be realizing that's fucked up. Revocation got a much, much stronger crowd reaction than Battlecross. Granted I only saw a few BC songs, but the crowd was clearly into Revocation a lot more. During Mark's "we'd like to thank all the bands" spiel and naming them, the crowd went nuts when he mentioned Revocation, and non enthusiastic cheering for Battlecross. When I was there for BC, not that many people were paying attention to them. Granted, the World Series was being televised on all the TVs at the bar and it's StL, but still. Revocation clearly ahould be billed above Battlecross. They would probably only get time for one more song, but still.

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