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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
I get that, but that's such a bullshit reason. I don't see Dillinger shows going 7 songs and 45 minutes. They have shows that are just as crazy. Thats just such a cop out reason.
I saw Dillinger play a 50 minute set in a venue this year that didn't allow any on stage or off stage insanity. Also it's known that hardcore bands don't play length long sets because most go through the set with little talking. A Hatebreed set is like 20+ songs but tops off at a hour.

Originally Posted by Ommie View Post
Very true, but I don't see Dillinger playing 200 shows a year like Terror.

Not to mention, as crazy as Dillinger gets, they usually have some mellow songs thrown into the mix, while Terror is non-stop 100 mph.
Also this, a nonstop insane set with all songs that aren't slow at all is draining. Why would a hardcore band play a stupid drawn out set when they could do a shorter more intense set.
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